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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Teen Art Show - A Succesful Show of Local Talent

Last month the Oak Harbor Library presented its second annual Teen Art Show to the community. And what a success it was! We received nearly 200 entries from high school and middle school students. The pieces ranged from oil, watercolor, or acrylic paintings to pen and ink drawings; and pottery to photography to metalworking. There was even a functional backpack constructed from energy drink cans! In just a few short hours the meeting room was transformed into a gallery showcasing the work of the talented artists.

The show opened Thursday evening with a reception catered by Wildcat Catering. Artists and their friends and families were greeted with a delicious spread of Hors d'oeuvres prepared by the culinary students of Oak Harbor High School. Well over 100 people attended the opening night reception!
In all over 200 people visited the weekend art show and were treated to a fine display by the very talented teens of Oak Harbor. Many of the visitors were amazed at the quality of art on display, and happy to see that the teens had an opportunity to show their art in a gallery setting. One woman commented, "It's important for people to see good teens doing good things!" Many thanks to all the volunteers who helped make this show a success.

Friday, December 14, 2007

How it Works - Information Help at the Library

This is how it works at the library: we take your knowledge and combine it with our skills and together we find the answers you need. Yesterday at the Oak Harbor Library Information Desk an older gentleman asked, "Where are your Standard and Poor's reference books?" He remembered at at one time we had some volumes of financial information in our reference section. "Well", the librarian answered, "they could be interfiled with other business and finance materials, but it's more likely that we'll find what you want in the Standard and Poor's database on the library web site. What are you looking for?"

There ensued a lengthy discussion of Washington Mutual debt, interest rate percentages and maturity dates that left our heads spinning. The customer knew exactly what he needed and had years of experience in the financial field. The librarian only knew that the information might be available online and was willing to help facilitate the search. They walked over to one of the public pc's and selected the Standard and Poor's database through the library's Research Tools site. Meanwhile, the patron was apologizing for not being able to use the computer and saying he did not want to take up our time. He said he had a geeky neighbor kid who could probably help him. "We're your geeky neighbors!" the librarian replied.

With the patron directing the librarian's search, they found exactly what was wanted: A WaMu report dated December 2, 2007 that gave detailed information on a specific corporate bond. It was exactly what the customer was looking for, and he even knew how to read it. The exciting part of all this for librarians is that we recognize that we do not need to be experts in a field in order to find the information you need. With your experience and our information seeking skills, we can probably find the answers you want.

To look at the Standard and Poor's database online, go to the library website http://www.sno-isle.org/ then click on Research Tools, Databases, Business and Personal Finance, then scroll down to Standard and Poor's NetAdvantage. Want a guided tour? Ask a librarian!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Oda al Libro (Ode to the Book)

Pablo Neruda, one of the most widely read and beloved poets of the twentieth century, was also a diplomat, serving in a series of consular posts in the Far East and Europe. In 1971, while serving as Chilean ambassador to France, he won the Nobel Prize for literature. In his long life as a poet, Neruda succeeded in becoming a public voice, not just for the people of his country but for an entire continent. He believed that the poet's obligation was to be a voice for all those who had no voice. His poems manifest his fascination with everything around him, human and natural, in a voice that is loving and scathing as occasion demands. His poems are those of a happy man, deeply fulfilled in his relationships, at home in the world, in love with life and overflowing with the joy of language.

On Thursday January 10 at 5:30 pm the Oak Harbor Library Book Group will gather to read and discuss some of Neruda's best loved poems. Join us in the library meeting room, and pick up a list of all the book discussion titles and dates for 2008. All are welcome.

On Tuesday February 12 at 6pm Oak Harbor's first ever International Film Festival kicks of with Il Postino in which a postman learns about love from poet Pablo Neruda. Based on the novel: Il postino di Neruda by Antonio Skármeta, the film is in Italian with English subtitles (rated PG). Bring a cushion for comfortable seating in the library meeting room.

Book, let me go.
I won't be clothed
in volumes,
I don't come out
of collected works,
my poems
have not eaten poems -
they devour
exciting happenings,
feed on rough weather,
and dig their food
out of earth and men.

from Oda al Libro by Pablo Neruda