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Friday, June 8, 2012

Art Quilts on Display

Whidbey Island Surface Design members Larkin Jean Van Horn, Pat Morse and Nancy Luenn display their art quilts at the library in June.

Larkin Jean Van Horn is a mixed-media textile artist working in the areas of art quilts, bead work, wearable art, and liturgical art. Each piece represents the combination of her imagination, inspiration from the world around her, and her strong sense of drama. The intense forms and colors of her work are sometimes a response to the grey Pacific Northwest winters. At other times they reflect the natural energy of spring and summer. Whether exploring the variety of textures found on her island home or the inner landscape of emotions, spirit, and self, it's all about texture.  Larkin wants her work to have as much interest for the fingertips as for the eye -- hence the decision to work with fabric, fiber, beads, and found objects. She is also drawn to the alchemy and serendipity of dyeing and painting her own fabrics and yarns to create her "paintbox" of materials. For views of Larkin's work, visit her web site: http://www.larkinart.com/index.html

Pat Morse
I am an artist using mixed media with an emphasis on fabric, paper and thread. My art is inspired by the natural world around us, especially the water, mountains, and plants of the Pacific Northwest. I also incorporate designs and themes from other cultures that I have seen while traveling.
My current work is a collage of many layers usually beginning with either fabric or paper, or a combination of both. I use hand dyed and printed fabrics, beads, metal, and other embellishments to create a raised surface. Machine and hand quilting create additional layers of texture. Pat's work can be seen at http://whidbeyislandsda.wordpress.com/the-artists/pat-morse/

Nancy Luenn
In my work I recreate the beauty I find in the natural world and through the vision of imagination. In the past as a children’s book writer, I experienced the magic that occurs when my words and the artist’s illustrations formed a shared creation. As a textile artist, I strive to work magic with color and pattern. When this creative process reaches a satisfying conclusion, my quilts tell a story.
My quilts are created using fabric collage and appliqué techniques, decorative threads, color pencils and paints. Visit my web site for more information: http://www.nancyluenn.com/

For more information about Whidbey Island Surface Design, visit the group's blog: http://whidbeyislandsda.wordpress.com/

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