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Monday, January 30, 2012

Watercolor Paintings on Display

Sue Martell is currently under contract with Geme Art, Inc. in Vancouver, WA. Her focus is on highly realistic botanical watercolors.

Her series of published botanical paintings was showcased in the March 2005 issue of Decor Magazine.

Sue was a member of the Penn Cove Cooperative Gallery in Coupeville for 10 years and has also been represented by the Blue Heron Gallery and the Insights Gallery.

Sue says of her work: "It is my greatest wish that everything made by my hands be gracious and lovely and reflect the faith that gives me peace."

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Dickens 2012 is an international celebration of the life and work of Charles Dickens, marking the 200th anniversary of his birth on February 7, 1812. Dickens’s work transcends his time, language and culture. His influence continues to inspire film, art, literature and education, and his books are as well worth reading today as ever.

At our house we've been faithfully watching Downton Abbey (via PBS web site, but we still have to wait until after it airs on Monday evenings). Like those of Dickens, its characters inhabit a place in my mind. I can completely identify with the tens of thousands of readers who clamoured for Charles Dickens' serial adventures, calling out to approaching ships, "What happened to Little Dorrit?"

Your library still has plenty of Dickens, and you don't have to wait to savor the adventure.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Children from North Whidbey recently participated in a Lego Animation program with Lukas Allenbaugh at the Oak Harbor Library as part of the Sno-Isle Winter Extravaganza. Mr. Allenbaugh proved to be a gifted instructor and the workshop was a rousing success! Children worked in teams of two or three as Mr. Allenbaugh taught them the art of stop-motion animation. The kids learned to take digital photos of scenarios they designed and constructed with Lego pieces, then used the series of photos to create their own short films. This program was enjoyed by all and sponsored by the Sno-Isle Libraries Foundation.

-Jane Lopez-Santillana

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Classes at Your Library

Current brain research points to the importance of lifelong learning. Whether it's playing cards with a friend, reading a book, or taking a class, we must find ways to learn new things and stimulate our minds throughout our lives in order to prevent disease and stay alert, healthy, and happy.

Look no further than your local library for endless opportunities to stay engaged. In 2012, we are pround to bring you a brand new series of classes called "Librarians as Information Guides."

Funded by grants from the The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation and the Sno-Isle Libraries Foundation, nine librarians will teach fun and innovative classes on health, science, genealogy, healthy life planning, investing resources, travel, and downloading eBooks, throughout Snohomish and Island Counties in 2012.

Check with your local library or go online to register.

Be sure to register early -- these free classes will fill up fast and you won't want to miss these chances to learn new things and make new friends!

Hope to see you there,

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mixed Media Art by Pat Morse on Display

Pat Morse is a textile artist using mixed media with an emphasis on fabric, paper and thread. Her art is inspired by the natural world around us, especially the water, mountains, and plants of the Pacific Northwest. She also incorporates designs and themes from other cultures seen while traveling.

She uses hand-dyed and printed fabrics, beads, metals, and other embellishments to create raised surfaces for machine and hand quilting.

Four of her mixed media pieces are on display at the Oak Harbor Library in January.