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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Transformative Art on Display

Crown Prince

Artist Zachary Billings says of his artwork:
"My art is free-flow and spontaneous. While I'm creating art I am in a meditative state and what comes through me is an expression of something greater than me. I exalt in and glorify this power greater than me through my art.  My art is spiritually inspired and is an expression of the Great Spirit.  
The art that comes through me feels ancient yet timeless and eternal, therefore I feel rooted in the Native theme. I am Native to the Earth but do not belong to any one tribe. My relationship with the Great Spirit identifies me as all tribes. This theme runs throughout my art and its expression. The language in my art is universal and symbolic and is capable of communicating to all cultures around the globe.
My art is multimedia using fine felt-tip/ball-point pens and acrylic paint with a very small brush. The paintings on display at the library were redone from originals and took anywhere between 120 to 240 hours each to complete."
You can see more of Zachary's art at his website: http://www.royalnavyelite.com/